Past Seasons

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Past Workshops

In 2007 we benefitted from the expertise of voice coach Jane Emmanuel who assisted us with elements of Messa di Gloria by Puccini.

In 2008 Andrew Parnell, from Ely Cathedral came and ran a very successful day rehearsing Haydn's Te Deum.

In 2009 Richard Roddis who was our Evangelist, helped us with Bach's St Matthew Passion.

In 2010, Philip Robinson, our Musical Director, and Stefan Reid jointly ran our Brahms workshop. Philip had put together a fascinating presentation on the life and works of Brahms with particular reference to his German Requiem. This audio visual presentation was interspersed with rehearsal workshops of the Requiem led by Stefan and accompanied by Philip. The day started at 1000 and finished at 1600 with suitable rests for refreshments and lunch, and was a huge success. We were pleased to welcome members from other choral societies especially those from Sleaford Choral Society who will be performing their concert on the same night as us!

In 2011 we were again pleased to welcome back Richard Roddis to help us in our preparation for the Mozart Requiem. Philip Robinson acted as accompanist while we sang but he had also produced a fascinating audio visual presentation on the life of Mozart, with particular reference to his final(and unfinished by Mozart) work - Requiem. The presentation was interspersed throughout the day and contained several video clips from recordings by Gardener and Solti. This year we had a record 77 people attending of whom 7 were visiting and not GCS members.

In 2015 we were again pleased to welcome back Jeremy Jepson to help us in our preparation for the Haydn Creation. The day started at 9.45am and finished at 3pm with Refreshment and Lunch Breaks. A well supported and inspiring day.